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Council Referred Meals

We work in partnership with Southampton City Council to provide nutritious care meals to senior residents and vulberable adults in Southampton. Many residents may be eligible for reduced rates if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are living alone and are unable to cook for yourself
  • A doctor has recommended that a meal is provided for you
  • You have a short-term need, for example, you have recently been in a hospital

Providing you with a meal will assist your carer(s)

To check if you are able to receive reduced care meals, visit Southampton City Council’s website.

The reduced care meal rate is:

  • Main Meal and Dessert: £4.13
  • Main Meal: £3.40


Social care eligibility self-assessment

Private Customers

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal, especially during times of poor health and recovery. Explore our delicious hot and nutritional menus choices and you can rely on the following professional service:

  • A hot meal to your door between 11.30am and 1.30pm
  • Delivered by a caring and professional care delivery driver
  • Well balanced meals that account for 33% of daily nutritional requirements
  • Low fat, vegetarian, diabetic and gluten-free meal options.

Ordering is easy, and you can always call our professional care team if you have any questions.

The care meal rates are:

  • Main Meal and Dessert: £5.17
  • Main Meal: £4.22


Arrange a free home consultation

Our commitment to Southampton's residents

We can supply a hot meal directly to your home, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

If you require meals at the weekend we can also provide a frozen meal for you to reheat. This depends on individual circumstances, such as available freezer space and if you have a cooker or microwave to reheat the meals. This will be discussed during your free care assessment. Frozen meals can also be provided for Bank Holidays, when appropriate.

Initial Care Meals Assesment

How it works

Once you or your family member get in touch with us, our care meals co-coordinator will arrange to visit you in your home – to discuss your nutritional requirements, meal choices, and to explain how our service works.

After this free care-meals consultation, we will arrange a start date for your hot meals, and allocate you dedicated care-meals delivery driver.


Our service to you

Free delivery, on the days you’d like a hot lunch

Your meals will be delivered, free, only on the days you need them, so if you already head out to a club for lunch, or visit relatives on certain days of the week, that’s no problem. You’ll simply receive hot, nutritious meals on the days you require, and will be charged only for what’s delivered.

From Monday and Friday your delicious meals will be delivered hot and ready to serve. We also offer an afternoon-tea and evening-snack menu, and you can order frozen meals for the weekends, too.

You can choose your meals from a large menu of main courses and puddings.

Customers who require a helping hand can rest assured that our delivery team will help you plate up your meal – it’s all part of the care-meals service.

Order for a single day of the week, or the whole week – whatever you need, we’ll deliver your meals with care.

Weekly Menu Choices

Choose your meals from our extensive menu, offering over 50 choices

All you have to do is fill out a simple order form, which will be delivered and collected by your dedicated care-meals delivery driver.

We’ll show you how everything works during your initial consultation.

For additional prices of ethnic and special-diet meals, please contact us directly. Thank you.


Hospitality Assured

The highest ratings for our service

Our Hospitality Assured accreditation demonstrates our commitment to achieving the highest possible quality in what we do.

Awarded by the Institute of Hospitality, it’s a worldwide standard that we challenge ourselves to win every year and in which we consistently score the highest possible rating for an organisation of our kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a special dietary requirement?
If you have specific dietary requirements you may need an alternative form which reflects the choices available to you. It can be completed in a similar way to that outlined above.
How do I apply for Meals on Wheels through Southampton City Council?
To apply for meals on wheels please call or email the adult contact team:
What happens if I do not answer the door?
If the driver does not get a reply when they call they will make common-sense checks (eg. with neighbours etc.) to ensure you are safe. They will always report this to the co-ordinator who will attempt to contact you. If there is still no reply we will contact the emergency number you have given us or in extreme circumstances contact the police. Therefore it is important that you let us know in advance if you do not expect to be around for any reason.
If I am not happy with a meal that has been delivered, what do I do?
If you have a particular complaint about a meal that is delivered to you please return the lid of the meal to us by giving it to your driver the following day. We investigate and respond to every complaint.

Book a free consultation at home

Contact us to arrange a visit to your home to talk about what is needed and explain how our service works. You can also speak to a member of our care team over the phone on 023 8083 3866.