Healthy eating with Quorn at Oakwood Primary School

Year 3 Pupils at Oakwood Primary School learnt about healthy eating choices and tucked into Keema Curries, Sweet Chilli Noodle Pots and Sausage Twists with Quorn’s Home Economist Ita Nugent. City Catering Southampton use's Quorn in school meals and choose to partner with Quorn Foods to promote healthy eating to children, bringing the healthy food plate to the front of their minds.

Armed with fresh fruit and vegetables and a selection of foods from each food group; Ita showcased the variety of vitamins and minerals found in fresh produce and explored the benefits of reducing meat intake. This interactive nutritional presentation was a unique opportunity to get children enthusiastic about making better food choices when it matters most; in these early, habit-forming years.


Taking the opportunity to speak to pupils while enjoying a sausage twist, Ian Taylor, Headteacher at Oakwood Primary said, “Achieving excellence together means providing pupils with opportunities to learn with hands-on activities that educate in an engaging format. I was delighted to see the change in pupil’s opinions to vegetables on their plate change, once they tasted the meals.”

Two cooking demonstrations saw pupils help Ita create healthy meals while exploring the flavours and tastes particular foods provide when added to a healthy dinner. At the end of the session, pupils filled out an activity sheet which enters their school in a competition to win £500 of equipment for their school.

Commenting on the response from pupils, Ita Nugent from Quorn said, “The Year 3 pupils at Oakwood Primary were wonderfully engaged and thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the cooking process. Their knowledge about food groups and vitamins found in vegetables was exemplary, and I hope our food demonstration opens up important conversations about healthier food choices with parents.”

Visit our recipes page to find out how to make the meals demonstrated at home and if pupils, parents or schools are interested in holding an interactive cooking session; they can contact City Catering Southampton on