City Catering Southampton goes to parliament

"As schools wind down for the summer holidays, thousands of families who receive free school meals will be worried about how they're going to feed their children, let alone take them on holiday"

- Sharon Hodgson, MP

Hampshire Holiday Provision Steering Group set to tackle children at risk of hunger in the holidays

City Catering Southampton, is calling for individuals and businesses to join its network to combat the growing issue of families, and in particular children, going hungry during the school holidays. The Southampton Holiday Provisions Steering Group is being launched by City Catering to bring together interested stakeholders and service users to share best practice and facilitate vital signposting in a bid to ease holiday hunger.

Our vision to tackle Holiday Hunger in Southampton

At City Catering Southampton we believe that receiving great quality food, served with kindness and care, is a right and not a privilege. Everyone deserves the best possible nourishment. To honour that belief, we place a significant focus on making a tangible difference in people’s lives through local nutritional projects.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we ensure that our profits go towards issues that matter not just to us, but to those we work with too. As a charity, our Member schools are represented on our Board of Trustees and actively shape our initiatives. Together we all support the health, well-being and educational development of our community in Southampton. One matter that is of growing concern to our members, board and employees is Holiday Hunger.

Family mealtimes are for life, not just for Christmas

This week schools across Southampton are celebrating their Christmas meals with over 12,000 pupil’s tucking into turkey, veggie sausages, roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Enjoying meals together at Christmas and on theme days is an essential part of the school calendar. Meal times shared with family and friends encourages healthy eating in younger children, promoting literacy development through social interaction.

City Catering Southampton wins EBP South Amazing People Award

City Catering Southampton were joint winners of the EBP South Amazing Business Involved in Hosting or Participating Work Experience. The UK’s first charitable catering non-for-profit won the award for providing work experience placements to students across Southampton over eight years.

We're hiring: Head Chef

We're looking for a talented Head Chef with a proven track record as a chef, and has a real passion for the craft of cooking. This position is within a school for young people with special needs, where children may have a complex relationship with food. Our aim is to create a nutritious offering that considers taste, textures and colours of the food in order that the children enjoy the experience of eating.

Tips: teaching your child about balanced diets from our Healthy Eating Workshop

Our Paediatric Dietitian Rebecca Weeks visited primary school children at Sholing Infant School and presented our healthy eating workshop. Teaching pupils how to eat well by identifying healthy meal choices and exploring different food groups, Rebecca introduced the children to the Eatwell plate and explained the importance of a balanced diet.

The session started with a game of 'food lucky dip'  with pupils picking fruit, vegetables, bread and sugary snacks out of a mystery box.  Pupils were then asked questions about food providence such as:

  • What is this food called?
  • Have you ever eaten it?
  • What does this food feel like?

Pupils were very perceptive when it came to exploring the foods we’d bought to the session. Interestingly lentils and parsnips were the least known food type. The children asked lots of questions and engaged in group discussions. Even the little ones! Why not teach your children about healthy eating with our top tips below.

Celebrating our people – 2018 Staff Excellence Awards

Our talented Heads of Kitchen and Catering Assistants cook, craft and serve over 1.8 million school meals in Southampton each year. These passionate school kitchen professionals have been serving nutritious school meals for nearly 20 years, and each year, we hold an awards evening to celebrate their hard work and say thank you to those who have gone the extra mile.

Explore our celebrations by viewing our Staff Excellence Awards video and learn about this year's award winners below!


City Catering Southampton announces Rachel Hall as Chief Executive Officer

The UK's first charitable catering company, City Catering Southampton announced that its board of trustees has appointed Rachel Hall as the Chief Executive Officer for the charity and its trading subsidiary.

Delivering 1.8 million nutritious meals a year to schools, vulnerable adults, and businesses across Southampton, Rachel will lead the charity’s goal of delivering £500,000 in charitable investments into local nutrition-related initiatives and programmes over the next three years.

Kids love our sweet potato and lentil curry recipe

Every week we receive requests from mums and dads who want to create school meals at home. This week Emma got in touch with us through our Facebook page to request our sweet potato and lentil curry recipe.