Healthy eating with Quorn at Oakwood Primary School

Year 3 Pupils at Oakwood Primary School learnt about healthy eating choices and tucked into Keema Curries, Sweet Chilli Noodle Pots and Sausage Twists with Quorn’s Home Economist Ita Nugent. City Catering Southampton use's Quorn in school meals and choose to partner with Quorn Foods to promote healthy eating to children, bringing the healthy food plate to the front of their minds.

Fighting Holiday Hunger in Southampton

City Catering Southampton supported Make Lunch volunteers during February half-term, serving 110 meals to children and their families at Valentine Primary School.

Pupils who receive free school meals during term time are often left without a hot meal during the school holidays, and this event was one of many across the UK that aims to fight holiday hunger and provide a support network to the families that need it most. A recent report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger* found that children were returning to school in a worse educational, health, and developmental state than that in which they had left in the summer.

Lunchero goes to secondary school

Lunchero – the school menu app created by City Catering Southampton for its nursery, infant, junior, and primary schools – starts secondary school this September with the launch of Lunchero+

“The launch of Lunchero has been a resounding success,” said CEO Rachel Hall, “with hundreds of families across the city downloading and using the app daily, for their children in KS1-2. Quite rightly, our secondary schools have been clamouring for the same service for their pupils, so we’re launching Lunchero+ this September - allowing everyone to access the whole term’s menu, day by day, by individual school,” said Rachel.

Lunchero school-menu app success!

Easter 2017: City Catering Southampton (which serves 1.7m nutritious school meals in 47 Southampton schools and nurseries each year) has launched a brand new school menu app: Lunchero. The app has already been downloaded by hundreds of families across Southampton, giving parents and pupils a user-friendly way to view the full term’s menu for their individual school, on a day-by-day basis.

What can I eat while I'm waiting for tea?

You’re just back from the school run, having traipsed through the rain with umpteen bags. You need a cuppa and some dry clothes. But the kids are already asking “What can I eat while I’m waiting for tea?”.

It’s when most of us grab the biscuit tin, or a packet of crisps, or some kind of dried-fruit snack for them. When you’re spinning plates – work, laundry, groceries, homework, pets, family commitments, cooking, budgeting – it can feel like a challenge too far to worry about rustling up a healthy snack at this point in the day.

How to avoid the ‘after-school grumps’

When a new school term starts, the children are quickly back into the swing of long days of learning, burning through their energy reserves with gusto. All without your watchful eye on their blood-sugar levels and ability to focus. More often than we’d like, our children come home from school on their last legs. The whining starts at pick-up, and carries on right through ‘til tea, with repeated requests for sugary treats…

Stronger together

Our business is the UK's first not-for-profit catering company serving the education and social-care sectors. And as such, we've been attracting a lot of interest - in our business model, our approach, and the success we've created after spinning out of council control.

Can your child focus after lunch?

It’s 2pm on a regular school day, and your child is part-way through a numeracy class. They had sandwiches, crisps, and a yoghurt at 12pm… But now it’s time to concentrate (on times tables) and they’re losing focus. Another 20 minutes and they’ll have stopped paying attention to the teacher. And by 3:20pm, chances are they’ll be cranky and starting to act up. The culprit? It could be the contents of their lunch box.