City Catering Southampton goes to parliament

"As schools wind down for the summer holidays, thousands of families who receive free school meals will be worried about how they're going to feed their children, let alone take them on holiday"

- Sharon Hodgson, MP

Hampshire Holiday Provision Steering Group set to tackle children at risk of hunger in the holidays

City Catering Southampton, is calling for individuals and businesses to join its network to combat the growing issue of families, and in particular children, going hungry during the school holidays. The Southampton Holiday Provisions Steering Group is being launched by City Catering to bring together interested stakeholders and service users to share best practice and facilitate vital signposting in a bid to ease holiday hunger.

Our vision to tackle Holiday Hunger in Southampton

At City Catering Southampton we believe that receiving great quality food, served with kindness and care, is a right and not a privilege. Everyone deserves the best possible nourishment. To honour that belief, we place a significant focus on making a tangible difference in people’s lives through local nutritional projects.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we ensure that our profits go towards issues that matter not just to us, but to those we work with too. As a charity, our Member schools are represented on our Board of Trustees and actively shape our initiatives. Together we all support the health, well-being and educational development of our community in Southampton. One matter that is of growing concern to our members, board and employees is Holiday Hunger.