Tips: teaching your child about balanced diets from our Healthy Eating Workshop

Our Paediatric Dietitian Rebecca Weeks visited primary school children at Sholing Infant School and presented our healthy eating workshop. Teaching pupils how to eat well by identifying healthy meal choices and exploring different food groups, Rebecca introduced the children to the Eatwell plate and explained the importance of a balanced diet.

The session started with a game of 'food lucky dip'  with pupils picking fruit, vegetables, bread and sugary snacks out of a mystery box.  Pupils were then asked questions about food providence such as:

  • What is this food called?
  • Have you ever eaten it?
  • What does this food feel like?

Pupils were very perceptive when it came to exploring the foods we’d bought to the session. Interestingly lentils and parsnips were the least known food type. The children asked lots of questions and engaged in group discussions. Even the little ones! Why not teach your children about healthy eating with our top tips below.

Kids love our sweet potato and lentil curry recipe

Every week we receive requests from mums and dads who want to create school meals at home. This week Emma got in touch with us through our Facebook page to request our sweet potato and lentil curry recipe.

Healthy eating with Quorn at Oakwood Primary School

Year 3 Pupils at Oakwood Primary School learnt about healthy eating choices and tucked into Keema Curries, Sweet Chilli Noodle Pots and Sausage Twists with Quorn’s Home Economist Ita Nugent. City Catering Southampton use's Quorn in school meals and choose to partner with Quorn Foods to promote healthy eating to children, bringing the healthy food plate to the front of their minds.