We're hiring: Head Chef

We're looking for a talented Head Chef with a proven track record as a chef, and has a real passion for the craft of cooking. This position is within a school for young people with special needs, where children may have a complex relationship with food. Our aim is to create a nutritious offering that considers taste, textures and colours of the food in order that the children enjoy the experience of eating.

Celebrating our people – 2018 Staff Excellence Awards

Our talented Heads of Kitchen and Catering Assistants cook, craft and serve over 1.8 million school meals in Southampton each year. These passionate school kitchen professionals have been serving nutritious school meals for nearly 20 years, and each year, we hold an awards evening to celebrate their hard work and say thank you to those who have gone the extra mile.

Explore our celebrations by viewing our Staff Excellence Awards video and learn about this year's award winners below!


Healthy eating with Quorn at Oakwood Primary School

Year 3 Pupils at Oakwood Primary School learnt about healthy eating choices and tucked into Keema Curries, Sweet Chilli Noodle Pots and Sausage Twists with Quorn’s Home Economist Ita Nugent. City Catering Southampton use's Quorn in school meals and choose to partner with Quorn Foods to promote healthy eating to children, bringing the healthy food plate to the front of their minds.

What can I eat while I'm waiting for tea?

You’re just back from the school run, having traipsed through the rain with umpteen bags. You need a cuppa and some dry clothes. But the kids are already asking “What can I eat while I’m waiting for tea?”.

It’s when most of us grab the biscuit tin, or a packet of crisps, or some kind of dried-fruit snack for them. When you’re spinning plates – work, laundry, groceries, homework, pets, family commitments, cooking, budgeting – it can feel like a challenge too far to worry about rustling up a healthy snack at this point in the day.

How to avoid the ‘after-school grumps’

When a new school term starts, the children are quickly back into the swing of long days of learning, burning through their energy reserves with gusto. All without your watchful eye on their blood-sugar levels and ability to focus. More often than we’d like, our children come home from school on their last legs. The whining starts at pick-up, and carries on right through ‘til tea, with repeated requests for sugary treats…

Can your child focus after lunch?

It’s 2pm on a regular school day, and your child is part-way through a numeracy class. They had sandwiches, crisps, and a yoghurt at 12pm… But now it’s time to concentrate (on times tables) and they’re losing focus. Another 20 minutes and they’ll have stopped paying attention to the teacher. And by 3:20pm, chances are they’ll be cranky and starting to act up. The culprit? It could be the contents of their lunch box.