Secondary school meals

School meals for Southampton's secondary-school students

When students enter secondary school, they are treated more like adults as they have more say over their daily meal choices, rather than following set meal patterns.

Our secondary school menus have two options which include vegetarian choices and a selection of accompaniments.

Supporting healthy
meal choices

City Catering Southampton, as a non-profit making charitable business, is committed to delivering the highest standards of service in our secondary schools. Students and parents can be assured that:

  • Our plated-meal menus are designed in line with the requirements of the Government’s School Food Plan regarding nutritional balance
  • Our commitment to Food for Life allows us to bring all of the standards we meet in our primary school kitchens to secondary schools too.
  • Our meals are free from GM ingredients, and nasty additives.


Explore FAQs


Parents and secondary school students can explore school lunches with our Lunchero+ mobile app. Explore meal photos and younger users can utilise the in-app calculator to add up food costs.



Transforming school canteens

As students from Year 7 take their first steps choosing their meals, we have taken inspiration from the high street to create sit down meals and lunch on-the-go options.

Schools we work with

Working in partnership with 47 Infant, Junior, Primary, Secondary and SEN schools across Southampton. Visit our schools’ directory, below, to explore this season’s school menus.

All menus are created in full consultation with each member school, to meet the needs and preferences of its pupils.

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